Starting tomorrow.there`ll be three days holiday

in japan;日本

Monday will be RESPECT-FOR-THE -AGED DAY音譜

is`nt it?….how will you celebrate the day?I heard

that people have different ways of celebrating..

In the philippines,we dont have holidays like that.

we have holidays lesser than japan.

but,intead,starting from september,we christmas

decorates our homes,streets,department storesクリスマスツリー


.they say in japan,its too early,but,we,christians,

starts our celebrations from the month with

BER in the last;september,october,november

,december!and ofcourse,christmas carols

will be heard everywhere♪

I havent celebrate christmas seasons for

over 19 years.

I dont know when,but someday,ill celebrate

christmas or new year there w/ my familyクローバー

so i keep my fingers crossチョキ