I have search the internet about how the other school

teaches english to the children and how they differ

to us。

there`s a group lesson,w/c provides you to speak

in groups;learn different thoughts and styles

about speaking english。

there`s a man-to-man lesson w/c could

improved your speaking more fluently w/out

hesitation or worrying to others。

but in narista,we`re doing all this things right nowビックリマーク

same aim,same leagueビックリマーク

there`s two thing differs:first,We have the「送り迎え」

system:take the kids from school to narista,

from narista to their homes!

second,im always here anytime ,anyday,so i can teach

them everytime they want。

i can take care of them,just like my own child。

i‘m their mother outside the house。

isnt it wonderfulはてなマーク

dont you think its a safe way for the kids,

not alone,,nowadaysはてなマーク

hope you`ll agree with me